Booking Policy

Standard Bookings:
– Full day bookings: 8hours
– Half day bookings: 4hours
– Overtime is calculated at time and a half

Hourly Bookings:
– Must be stated at original confirmation of booking

– All usage must be presented in writing prior to booking date
– All usage fees are in addition to standard and hourly booking rates

– Releases must be reviewed and agreed upon by agency prior to booking date
– Releases must state agreed upon usage terms
– Agency may sign for talent

Payment Terms:
– Client will be billed at completion of job
– All invoices are due 30 days from invoice date

– Cancellations must be received 24 hours before booking date
– All cancellations received in less than 24 hours are billed at full rate

– Travel fees are subject to negotiation

Agency Fee:
– 20% Agency fee will be added to all bookings and usage fees

For additional information on our models or booking, please contact:
Joy E. Pinizzotto